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Common Questions

What Would You Like to Know?


Do you provide emergency service?

Yes, our team is available 24/7 for all your metal needs.

What materials do we install?

We provide service and installation for metal roofing, asphalt shingles, cedar shake, flat roofing, cladding, copings/flashings, soffits/fascia, chimneys and garage/entrance doors in aluminum, copper, colored steel and zinc

Why choose standing seam?

The biggest advantage to using this style of roof is its durability and low maintenance. 
With standing seam roof we offer a variety profiles that are folded together to create a water tight join. These can be installed to create simple or custom designs.

Can you hear rain through a standing seam roof?

Insulation in line with building standards provides adequate sound dampening in most situations and many of our profiles are installed on plywood that provides additional dampening.

How important are roof vents?

Roof venting allows fresh air into the attic space and lets older air cycle out. Soffit vents allow the fresh air in, which will travel up through the attic space as it warms and escape through the high venting. Without adequate and un-obstructed soffit venting to allow fresh air into the attic space, air becomes stagnant and heated which can lead to condensation (sometimes resulting in leaks), mould and damaged wood.

Do you offer a roofing warranty?

Yes, we offer a 10 year labor warranty. This warranty offers protection for labor and installation. It’s essentially a warranty that offers peace of mind knowing that the Advanced Exteriors stands by their work, guaranteeing performance for years to come.

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